Welcome! This has been a long time coming.

Michelle Trombley

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. 

We are thrilled that our online store is finally open and hope that you are beginning to enjoy the natural products that we love and use so much.  It's great knowing that something you use nearly daily can be wholesome and nourishing for your body. 

I originally became interesting in making skincare products years ago after visiting my naturopath.  She educated me on the inner workings of my body, and how so much of what we consume can be harmful to the body.  I originally felt overwhelmed with the new knowledge that the things I eat, wear, and use were potentially causing my body to have an imbalance of hormones, inflammation, and gut issues.  When I expressed to her that I felt overwhelmed because I felt I shouldn't eat this, or use that, she kindly said that it is impossible to avoid it everything that may be considered toxic and to simply pick a few areas of change that I felt I could stick with.  For me, this was using and creating natural products to use on my body and in my home. I started with something deodorant because I used everyday, and quite frankly never really worked for me. Once using a simple version, I began to add more ingredients I felt would add to make the product more efficient.  I then moved on to many other attempts, finally landing on the rest of the products I've added to the line.  I've chosen these products because I use them nearly everyday on myself and on my children.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do, and I look forward to adding more to the line.